The Meaning of Wedding Sand in a Wedding Sand Ceremony

Nowadays, people are looking for more unique ways to symbolize their bond during a wedding ceremony. Instead of the traditional exchange of vows and rings people can participate in wedding sand ceremonies, unity candle ceremonies among other unique rituals. For the sand ceremony, there is a deep meaning that goes into the pouring of the sand. If you are thinking of spicing up your wedding with wedding sand, here's all you need to know.

Typically, there is usually one central container where all the sand will go into after all the rituals are done. Then there are different colored Sandsational Sparkle sands in different containers for the couple and children if any. The first layer is usually from the place the couple comes from and can be white. It can also be sand from the wedding venue. It goes first into the container to signify the strong foundation for the couple's marriage.

Next, the person officiating the wedding directs either the groom or the bride to pour their different colored sand into the container. Each partner pours their different colored wedding sand ceremony on their own first. This is meant to signify the individuality of both the bride and groom. It represents their personalities, strengths, weaknesses and history. Together each brings something to the marriage that can make it stronger.

The third ritual involves the couple pouring their sands into the main container at the same time. This ritual signifies that the two people have come together and have been blended into one unit. It also signifies the strong bond between the couple that makes them inseparable. They are supposed to support each other, encourage each other and build one another for a stronger marriage.

Finally, some white sand is poured in the container as the final layer, until the container is completely full. This final layer is signifies the community and family that the couple belongs to. This community and the family is supposed to help the couple stay together and build them up. The vase is now full and has different blends of and colors. It means that though the sand may move around, it cannot be separated, just like the couple.  Watch to learn more about weddings.

There are different variations to this ceremony and more layers can be added. For example, if the couple has children, the children can also pour their sand into the vase. They should also pour simultaneously with their parents. Just like a wedding ring, you will always have something to remind you of your union.